Infrastructure Experience

Internet Banking
• Managed integration of two companies ensuring retention and utilization of best technology, best business processes, and best resources.
• Built a new 25,000 square foot data center along with managing the consolidation of over 80 data centers into four regional data centers.
• Implemented ITIL standard processes across infrastructure teams resulting in faster response to customer needs.
• Implemented new tools (monitoring, provisioning, virtualization, storage, etc.) resulting in more efficient additions to and management of the infrastructure.
• Managed consolidation of all network and telecom operations group, resulting in more streamlined operations and faster response time.
• Managed a multi-year initiative to improve the overall technology infrastructure which included building new data centers, implementing a continuously available technology infrastructure, and implementing improved service management processes across the enterprise.

Oil and Gas Exploration Services
• Implemented new technology architecture (hardware, software, processes) for both firewall/intrusion protection and network monitoring/reporting.