Higher Education Practice

Our Higher Education expertise comes from our extensive experience both as operators/practitioners and as consultants.  We bring best practices, frameworks, models and thought leadership to help your company meet your strategic and operational objectives, while reducing risks and help ensure scalability and sustainability which is essential for growth.

We understand the challenges that higher education leaders encounter on a day-to-day basis running their schools.  Higher education leaders are also facing tough strategic decisions about the future of their schools. Many administrators agree that their campuses lack the data and insights to support decision-making in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.  Our Higher Education Consultants offer thought leadership, best practices and proven methodologies to strengthen your vision, facilitate coordination among your stakeholders and elevate the success of your projects. Aligning strategy and objectives to define scope, cost and a project time-frame enables technology capability.

Our Higher Education Consultants bring deep experience in higher education administration, data analysis, and strategic planning in partnership with leading institutions.  To assist your leadership, we offer:

  • Designing and implementing strategic and innovation initiatives
  • Developing a strategic plan for your institution or division
  • Exploring, developing, and launching new learning models
  • Transition to digital and on-line learning
  • Making better use of data and analytics to drive decision making
  • Growing enrollment, revenue, and market share
  • Improving student learning outcomes and retention
  • Launching and growing academic programs Our
  • Managing and implementing institutional change