cyber_lock_imageCYBER ATTACKS are putting companies OUT OF BUSINESS! What can you do to secure the future of your business? There is no foolproof defense, but there is plenty that you can do to: avoid cyber attacks, identify cyber attacks, and respond quickly. The strategies are the same, but the tactics vary widely depending upon size of business, industry, public visibility, social networking posture of the business and many other factors. The Bright Water Consulting CYBEReview puts a highly trained and experienced team of cyber defense consultants to work protecting your business. This allows your business to operate without the constant worry of how to handle a devastating cyber attack. We will assess your current technical cyber security measures and counter measures, analyze the legal issues and potential vulnerabilities in your industry and business, and review your cyber insurance coverage. All for peace of mind.

CYBEReview Service™

The cyber security of businesses of all sizes and at every stage in their life cycles has become as important as financing and a good business plan. The three components to

brightwater-horizontal-logo-1-300x65the BWC CYBEReview Service are technical cyber defense, legal preparedness and the correct business cyber insurance coverage. We have experts on the BWC CYBEReview Team™ within each area that will take you through the process. Prior to face-to-face meetings with practitioners from these key areas, you will complete a customized questionnaire. Known as The Report Card, the questionnaire focuses all efforts on  the areas of greatest vulnerability and exposure for your business. Each BWC CYBEReview Team is comprised of experts in technical cyber security, cyber security law and business cyber insurance. Bright Water Consulting’s business cyber security professionals are expertly matched to  your needs. BWC practitioners assess risks and vulnerabilities by applying up-to-the minute experience and recommending risk reduction, vulnerability elimination and mitigation approaches. The recommendations are designed to eliminate fines and penalties, reduce the impact of attacks and allow operations to return to “business as usual” as quickly as possible after an attack.

sapronov-logo-300x77The attorneys of Sapronov and Associates review your business plans, contracts and industry; then, they prepare a detailed legal review* that is pertinent to the cyber security of your specific situation. The legal review can cover cyber security facets of all contracts, Service Level Agreements and any other aspects of business operation impacted by cyber security events.



As a part of the BWC CYBEReview a review of your cyber insurance policy and needs is conducted by an expert from Swett & Crawford. Based on the findings and recommendations of BWC this portion of the review will include customized insurance recommendations that offer financial and reputation protection in the event of a cyber attack. This is an new area of insurance for both the insurer and insured. Businesses often learn after a breach that they do not have the right coverage. Then, it is too late.


*ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.  Please note that the legal review would be provided under a separate client engagement in accordance with the professional responsibility rules of the State Bar of Georgia.