Regional Bank Technology Officer / Strategist

• Developed and implemented improved IT governance process. This process governs the planning, initiation, approval and implementation of all IT activities within the organization.
• Developed and implemented technology planning process that is integrated with the company’s strategic and financial planning processes. Resulted in ensuring IT spend was going to activities that directly supported the business strategy/plan – the most important activities.
• Developed and implemented new customer service model concept within IT, resulting in a more customer-focused approach towards delivering IT results.
• Worked with business line senior management to understand their key business requirements and provide the personal value that builds confidence and trust.
• Developed business strategies for the line of business and supporting technology strategies. Worked with IT to implement these IT strategies.

Career Education Corporation
• Performed Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer role for a for-profit career education corporation.
• Managed an IT staff of 30 associates for this $270 million corporation.
• Executive responsibilities included strategic management of all IT infrastructure, application support, customer support, information security, physical security, disaster recovery, budget and asset management.
• Worked strategically to ensure all functions operated seamlessly to support every aspect of the business.
• Overall impact was 25% faster response times for end users, 20% reduced costs for overall technology infrastructure, and less errors being implemented into the production environment.

Southeastern US Conglomerate IT Leadership
• Managed leadership of IT development staff implementing new suite of financial systems. Resulted in 10% reduction of time to process payroll and 25% reduction in time to close monthly accounting books. Applications include General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Profit Sharing/ESOP.
• Transitioned the company from a mini-computer to a mainframe computer environment. Resulted in 99% uptime of computers and systems for client access and quicker response time from IT to resolve problems.
• Required knowledge of multiple systems, multiple platforms, and multiple technologies. Replaced disparate technologies with a consolidated technology architecture that would support and drive the business into the future.